When you're downloading Mozilla Firefox.. you're downloading communism

A quick share..
firefoxI just found 100 more amazing firefox walpaper on Tipis.web.id. I haven't looked at all of those wallpapers, but viewing them at a glance is enough to convince me that all the rest are amazing. I guarantee they are best for you Firefox addicter.
One I like the best is red-colored wallpaper that quoted Bill Gates' :
«When you're downloading Mozilla Firefox.. you're downloading communism!» :lol: 

Below are some of them. My favourites actually. You can see the rest on Tipis.web.id.
3115141100 8ab6bb05c3
3114403585 D5de6a4901
3115171360 0c7c6be9eb
3115172480 D04fe7f78b
3114259335 7fae2614df
3114403723 Ae398082a6
3115077946 B5c950cc33
3114229949 Da5e75c791
Find your favs. There are more you can download. In fact, I didn't even count them. Let me know if they're counting less than 100. ;)
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